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The CUBE Green subscription is our starter membership that will give you access to content needed to meet your investment goals.

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Receive a weekly newsletter on the markets every Monday alongside investment updates as CUBE navigates the markets

Over 250 pages of investment guides on types of trades, retirement, options, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and more every month. You also have hours of audio content all at your fingertips

See everything CUBE is invested in with over 100 pages of commentary on our holdings, watchlist, and performance updates delivered every month and quarter

Want To See How CUBE Is Investing?

Wall Street Experience

We are coming at you with Wall Street backgrounds and certifications. It's time Main Street gets access to Wall Street quality.

Gain insight on new investment ideas

Sometimes the hardest part of investing is coming up with new ideas to execute on. Subscribing will definitely take care of that problem!

Great value

Don't trip over dollars, picking up pennies. CUBE was formed to equip you with the knowledge needed to avoid making costly errors in the market. An investment in yourself and your education pays the highest rate.

No contracts or cancellation fees

You know us here at CUBE. What you see is what you get, so no need to fret over hidden fees or anything.

What's CUBE's Strategy?

We use both fundamental and technical analysis in our decision making. 


The CUBEFolio is not a trading group. The portfolio is comprised mainly of long-term holds.


In our commentary section of the CUBEFolio prospectus, you will know exactly why we like a company, how long we plan on owning the company for, why we shorted a specific company, if a company breaks a certain resistance level what we plan on doing and much more.

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