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Investing is Scary



Financial excerpts today are so difficult to read. We get straight to the point


Our team interacts with our subscribers everyday helping them invest better


We help you with everything from choosing a brokerage to understanding companies

Who Are We?

We view ourselves as Main Street's investment research firm. We are former Wall Street employees and our goal is to provide top-notch research and material for our subscribers.


What's the difference between CUBE and big name Wall Street firms? Everything. We are taking a next-gen approach to helping people invest better. We don't look at how much money is in your brokerage account because we believe everyone deserves cutting edge research and access to investment education. 

Our mission since day one is to improve the lives of people across the entire globe in a way that is flexible and cost-effective.


We are Wall Street seasoned, Main Street focused.

What Can CUBE

 Do For Me?


Our goal is to provide you with fresh investment ideas every single month with a detailed analysis of why. Anyone can find Apple or Amazon. Our job is to dig up investments people aren't thinking too much about.


Don't understand stock lingo? Not sure how to read financial statements? You've got questions and we have answers. A huge value add to our services is that we go beyond just investments and bring a learning segment to the table. Our goal is to help you invest better and that means understanding everything that goes into it.


In our group chat, we have individuals who are from all over the world. What becoming a subscriber does is connect you with a diverse set of people in so many different career paths that ultimately share the same passion and drive you have.


How long does it take you to do research on one stock? At least 5-6 hours (or we'd hope otherwise there's a good chance you're investing blindly). Let us do the research we've learned how to do on Wall Street for you. Is your time not worth $15 an hour?


From stock research to yearly and quarterly reports, month-end and mid-month CUBEFolio reviews, live trade updates, financial models, podcasts, newsletters and so much more our subscribers are loaded with material that not only educates them but keeps them informed on what is going on in the world of finance.


Whenever you have questions or concerns about your investments or your career we are HERE. Virtually 24/7 and we mean that...we barely sleep. Nervous about an upcoming earnings report? Reach out. Nervous about an interview? Reach out!

because other content is for squares

Conflicting Interests? Gone

We have zero ties to Wall Street products and don't manage your assets - the perfect combo

Eliminate Bias

Zero ties to brokers and your assets makes us truly unbiased

Build Trust

We don't have anything to gain from you. We just believe in providing you with the best markets content

Invest With Confidence

Get research, videos, updates, and more all at your fingertips


We'd love to hear from you!

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