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Leave trading behind.


We know this is hard to grasp, especially when "pros" all over the world preach you need to day trade in order to make it big. This isn't the case! In fact, it's the opposite! Long-term investing is truly the key to succeeding in the market.

The issue is there are thousands of stocks, how do you determine which are good and which are bad? How do you handle the volatility and stay patient? What determines a company's value? How do I know it fits my risk profile? The list of questions when you're ready to hit that buy/sell button are endless but that is where CUBE helps out.

"The stock market is designed to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient."

- Warren Buffett


Chances are you've tried day-trading, foreign exchange, playing options heading into an earnings report and, in most cases, things didn't go your way . You're here because those days are over and it's time to start investing and stop gambling.

We can't even blame you. Social media is bombarded with ads about how day trading will change your life and how your dreams of financial freedom are merely days away. Day trading is not practical for a vast majority of people and, more importantly, is not where the real money is made.

Ask yourself, why do the best investors in the world like that of Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel, Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, Peter Lynch and firms like Baillie Gifford and Sands Capital all invest for the long-term and avoid day trading?

Because the key to wealth creation is the long-term compounding of value in solid companies.

Simple enough, right? As a normal retail investor, finding these companies is tough and a foundation must first be built to understand how investments even work and what to even look for.


That's where CUBE comes in to play and gives everyday investors the advantage through our Learn. Discuss. Invest. (LDI) model.


This is where it all starts. Without developing a solid educational foundation, you're going to have a rough and expensive time in the market.


CUBE creates detailed investment guides, webinars, research reports, newsletters, quizzes, and podcasts to break down all of the complex jargon and methods when it comes to investing.


For example, how does an income statement differ from a balance sheet? What makes a good balance sheet? How do I know how much cash a company has left at its current burn rate and will the company resort to debt or dilution anytime soon? Where do I even find information like that? CUBE breaks all of this down beyond your imagination.

Click the link below to view an investment guide on short selling. This ended up being a great guide for people who were trying to understand the entire GameStop fiasco.


At CUBE, we don't make promises of massive returns or that your driveway will be filled with luxurious cars. If you do see that anywhere, run. Instead, what we do promise is that every single decision you make in the markets will undergo a series of discussions and analysis so every investment is calculated and well thought out.


We do this by talking with you virtually 24/7 in the group chat with nearly 200 members - all of which are actively participating in an effort to make the most educated decision possible. Curious how Rivian's recall effects future earnings? How does Walmart stack up vs. Costco on a valuation basis? How can I capitalize on the growing adoption of digitization in South East Asia? These are topics discussed daily.


You can tap into the group and get direct feedback from members spanning 10 different time zones. The network is home to a diverse set of skills ranging from lawyers, dentists, investment bankers, landscapers, real estate agents, pilots, college students, etc. all with different experiences and levels of expertise in the market.


No more investing blindly! We take it a step further by also saving you dozens of hours searching for the next great investment by conducting next-level research with the help of our Wall Street backgrounds.


We deliver top-notch quality research reports and financial models every month for clients and is why we have scoped out more than a dozen companies since inception that have earned us over 100% gains.


To reiterate... only long-term holds! No day trading! Our models are designed so you can tweak highlighted zones to arrive at your own price targets for a specific company if maybe you feel CUBE is being too aggressive or conservative.

View the link below to see a research report on Nucor (NUE) we issued when it was $38 per share. Today it is now over $100 - we have dozens of these and issue new ones every single month. You can also view an older financial model on Disney (DIS).

finding tomorrow's tesla

Are Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, and Tesla amazing companies? Yes, without a doubt but the days of making 2,000% returns on them is over.


CUBE gets a kick out of people saying they would put their house on those stocks if they could go back in time. WRONG. Hindsight is always 20/20 and all of these companies had a bumpy and volatile road to get to where they are today and it took tremendous vision and patience to buy and hold.

This is what CUBE is looking for every single day. In this rapidly changing environment, there are dozens of companies that are going to emerge as the next Tesla's and Netflix's and we believe we found several of them.


For example, there are many people that day traded Ethereum for a 5% gain and then there are those who haven't sold, sat back, and made 10x which is what CUBE has done alongside many other investments.

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I have been a member of the Cube fam for roughly 3 years now and I can say with full conviction that it has been one of the greatest decisions I have made for my financial future. I remember my first message to CUBE was through DM on Instagram and I was worried about joining when I knew absolutely nothing about investing. He talked to me about how his goal was to teach and educate people about long term investing, and building wealth instead of trying to get rich quick and that most of his members were in my same shoes. It must have taken me two months to finally decide to pull the trigger and I have not looked back since. The amount of knowledge and understanding that I have gained in the stock market (among other areas of investing such as personal finance, real estate, crypto, etc.) has been well worth the investment of my subscription fees and that is not even to mention the money that I have made investing in HEAVILY researched, quality companies that Bez and the Cube fam talk about on a daily basis. Bez puts everything he has into his work and wants everyone to learn and grow as investors, all while making some money along the way. I plan to be a part of the Cube fam for a long time to come.

- Doug M.

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Have you ever bought a stock because you thought the company was solid, had a great product, and in demand...only to find out later that the company just isn't going to produce returns to really grow your portfolio? This was my former typical investment… without knowing how insiders on Wall Street analyze, develop investment thesis, and model out future returns for single stocks. This takes an immense amount of work, and for most retail investors simply turns into guess work. Well, Cube is the magic bullet in terms of a resource to utilize in your path to find true understanding of markets and generate returns over a long-term investment horizon. Cube is personable, responsive, and here for support on your personal investment journey. I recommend for all levels of investor whether new to the markets or a seasoned pro.

- Andy N.

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I've been a subscriber since September 2018 which makes me one of the first people to join the Cube community. It has been one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. This group has given me so much knowledge, networking opportunities and friendships that I cherish. This group is ingrained in my everyday life and I think that's because I think of it more as a family than anything else. This is not a trading group. This is a collective of like-minded individuals all focused on the long term. I will never unsubscribe from this service and neither will you, so just join already!

- Max E.

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