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Refer people to a CUBE membership & get rewarded!

CUBE is going to be paying 20% commission for the first member you refer and 25% for everyone after that.

How Does It Work?

1. Simply sign in using the link above and go to 'affiliate'
2. Setup how you want CUBE to pay you under 'payment settings'
3. Copy your affiliate link titled "General Affiliate Link"
4. Send the link to friends & family
5. Once they sub to CUBE, you start getting paid

They won't have any idea your affiliate link is attached and they don't need to use a special code at checkout or anything. All you need to do is just send them the link and as long as they subscribe within 30 days of getting that link you will get the credit for it. 

The portal will track every click you get, your payouts, everything!

How Is The Payout Done?

Here is how the payout would be if someone referred three people to CUBE:

  • Lets say the first person subs to CUBE for $350/year

    • You'd get paid $70 every year they stay a member (20%)

  • Let's say the second person subs to CUBE for $350/year also

    • You'd get paid $87.50 every year they are subbed (25%)

  • Let's say the third person subs to CUBE for $350/year also

    • You'd get paid $87.50 every year they are subbed too (25%)


In other words, you'd be getting paid $245 per year for referring those 3 people for as long as they stay part of CUBE. You can refer as many people as you want - there is no limit!

If the referral is on a monthly plan, you get paid monthly. If the referral signs up for the whole year upfront, you'd get paid your commission for the whole year upfront.

Why Do This?

  • Those being referred get upgraded to the next best plan free of charge

    • Referring them saves them $$$. If they subscribe to Green, CUBE will bump them up to Red. If they subscribe to Red, CUBE will bump them up to Blue!

  • CUBE used to only reward the person being referred but we want to really make it worth your time to send people our way!

    • As a token of our appreciation, you will now get rewarded as long as they stay a member of CUBE! 20% goes your way for the first member and 25% kickback to everyone after that!

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